PAS 96:2017 Food Defence (TACCP) Guidance Training Course


Date: 20/10/2023, 27/10/2023, 10/11/2023

To equip students with the most current food industry knowledge, PAS 96:2017 Food Defence (TACCP) Guidance Training Course was organized in the fall semester. It introduces the application of food defence methodologies to assess and manage generic and specific threats for the development of a food defence plan. Upon completion of this course, students were able to

  • Recognize different types of threat assessment methodologies that may be used to identify threats to an organization, operation and product
  • Describe the process of TACCP food defence (PAS 96:2017)

Students found the courses informative and gained more real-life insights through references to current examples provided by the lecturer and group activities. Students who successfully completed the course with 100% attendance were issued a certificate by BSI HK Limited.