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The MSc in Environmental Health and Safety Program organized a Christmas gathering for the Postgraduate students on 19 December 2023. Around 20 current students and alumni from MSc in EHS participated in the dinner. They had an enjoyable time with their buddies and sharing their recent happenings. Read more
The MSc in Environmental Health and Safety Program has organized an annual get-together dinner for the Postgraduate students. The purpose of the event is to give our students and course instructors an opportunity to meet together in a relaxing atmosphere, and celebrate the joyful moment of the year. Current students and some alumni from MSc in EHS participated in the dinner. They had an enjoyable time with their buddies and sharing their recent happenings. Read more
A poster presentation for ENVS 5115 students was held on 18 November 2023 afternoon. This course provides up-to-date knowledge about foodborne hazards, and industrial practices on food safety and control. The procedures in risk assessment and the HACCP system, changes in food regulations as well as roles of various international agencies involved in food safety control will be discussed. Through the poster presentation, students were able to address, investigate and evaluate current issues related to food safety by applying theories and research techniques learnt from this course. Students found the poster presentation information and interesting. Read more
Date: 20/10/2023, 27/10/2023, 10/11/2023 To equip students with the most current food industry knowledge, PAS 96:2017 Food Defence (TACCP) Guidance Training Course was organized in the fall semester. It introduces the application of food defence methodologies to assess and manage generic and specific threats for the development of a food defence plan. Upon completion of this course, students were able to Recognize different types of threat assessment methodologies that may be used to identify threats to an organization, operation and product Describe the process of TACCP food defence (PAS 96:2017) Students found the courses informative and gained more real-life insights through references to current examples provided by the lecturer and group activities. Students who successfully completed the course with 100% attendance were issued a certificate by BSI HK Limited. Read more
To learn more about the food waste treatment process in Hong Kong, a group of students had a visit in O park1 on 8 November 2023. O Park1 is the first organic resources recovery center in Hong Kong, which adopts anaerobic digestion technology to convert food waste into biogas (a source of renewable energy similar to natural gas) for electricity generation whilst the residues from the process can be produced as compost for landscaping and agriculture use. O Park1 is capable of handling 200 tonnes of food waste per day, and about 14 million kWh of electricity can be exported to the grid per year, which is equivalent to the power consumption by some 3,000 households. With interesting visual design, animation and detailed explanation by the O Park1 staff, students were able to witness the operations of the facility and understand the importance of turning waste into resources. (Source: Read more
To help students explore public health, conquest and prevention of infectious diseases, a group of EHS students had a field trip to Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences on 4 November 2023. The Museum Building was opened in 1906 as the Government Bacteriological Institute, built for the control of disease and its prevention. It is located in the historically densely populated, old Chinese residential district of Taipingshan where plague broke out in 1894. Students visited several exhibitions in the Museum through a guided tour, such as The Old Laboratory, SARS corner, and Production of vaccine against smallpox. They were able to understand more about how people overcame the challenges of infectious diseases and epidemics; public health improvements through vaccine production; the development of Western and Traditional Chinese medicine; their interaction with each other and with society at large; and significant medical advances of local and international importance. Read more
Group interview is a common and popular way to assess communication and critical thinking skills of potential candidates. A group of EHS students joined this practicum, and they conducted discussion exercises in a group of 4 for each session. Students were required to answer a number of questions which are frequently asked in an interview. Constructive feedback will be provided by our instructor, Miss Grace Siu. It was a valuable opportunity for our students to learn from each other's presentations, and the instant feedback from Grace. Through this career workshop, students were able to learn how to excel in a group interview and stand out from the crowd. Read more
A group of MSc EHS students went to visit the Eco Expo Asia 2023 - International Trade Fair on Environmental Protection on 28 October 2023. The Eco Expo Asia 2023, with the theme "Taking the Leap towards Carbon Neutrality", is a leading trade platform for the eco industry that showcases the latest green products, equipment and technology. Through a guided walk in the Exhibition Centre and participating in ESG Career Talk, students were able to enhancing their environmental knowledge and understand more about the latest development of the green industry in Hong Kong and all around the world. Read more
To secure an interview opportunity, building a professional CV and cover letter is crucial. A Career Workshop - CV Critique was co-organized with HKUST Career Center. A group of MSc EHS students participated in the CV Workshop. Senior Learning & Development Trainer - Miss Grace Siu, guided our students to construct an effective CV and cover letter to make sure their application is not lost in the shuffle. "While recruiters averagely spend only seconds looking over a candidate’s profile, you need to catch their attention at first sight. Learning how to employ bullet points in a CV can quickly and easily show an employer that you're an ideal fit for the job." Grace also provided feedback to students on each of their CV. Students’ responses were overwhelming, and all of them found the workshop very useful. Read more